Our Services

Caring about your Mental Health.

Assessments and evaluations

We carry out a number of assessments including but not limited to Psychological, speech and language, occupational. These are important tools that give us a baseline for intervention. They help us to determine where the child is at so that we develop appropriate treatment goals and support strategiesWe also carry out independent evaluations using clinically validated tests for Schools, child care organizations and Parents.

Early Childhood Interventions

The early childhood intervention program is carried out for children with intellectual differences and developmental delays (18 months to 5 years old). We also carry out this program for children in the same age bracket who are at a high risk of or have experienced abuse and neglect. This program may take on a comprehensive nature or a targeted approach depending on the child’s needs.

Child and Adolescent therapy

We carry out therapy for children and adolescents aimed at increasing confidence, awareness and resilience while decreasing maladaptive behaviors, thinking styles and stress.

Training & Research

We provide trainings to individuals, families, Child care organizations, Schools and support processes aimed at building an enabling environment for all children to thrive. We are passionate about adapting, replicating and producing new knowledge to inform practice and improve our interventions.